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Patient Testimonials

I had terrible sharp pain, like knifes, in my right arm. It was at least a 9/10 on a pain scale. No drug could relieve it. I couldn’t sleep, and all day I squirmed with pain. Prescribed pain medication didn’t work either. I was incapable of doing anything. After attending chiropractic care, my aches are gone.

I have more energy and am much happier. I noticed the physical relief after one week. I feel like I am functioning again. I would encourage others to try chiropractic There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your health and well being is more important than anything.

—J.L, Female, Age: 58 — Arm Pain

I had pain in lower back restricting side to side movement. My headaches would occur at least every other day. Typically there was stiffness in lower back after strenuous activity, which after some time would subside, but I was never comfortable. After attending care, my low back pains and headaches are completely gone! I highly recomend going to a chiropractor! It worked for me! Chiropractic care is a solution that must be explored in ones overall health.

—K.M, Male, Age: 28 — Headaches

I had acute back problems, and bending over was extremely painful for me. I have been suffering for several years with IBS as well. I decided to give chiropractic care a try since nothing else was working. After coming here for several months, I can finally bend over to put shoes on, get out of bed without difficulty, and my IBS has been gone for 2 months.

—M.W, Female, Age: 85 — IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)

I had been suffering for over a year with Sciatica, lower back pain, and some neck pain. My spasms were increasing and my quality of life was poor due to pain. I’ve seen 10 chiropractors in the last 20 years and my current chiropractor is by far the best in many ways.

My quality of life has improved 10 fold. I feel great. Body, mind and soul. I’m pain free and so grateful. Constipation, irregular periods for over 10 years are now “dead on”, cramps still there. A lot less depression being pain free gives me extra energy to be creative. Living with pain takes up so much energy. I now have time to enjoy my life in so many more ways!

—D.K, Female, Age: 35 — Sciatica

My 3-year old son was chronically sick-every two weeks he was sick and I hated to have him on medication. I really wanted to try something different; something that would work and that was safe. My mom was a patient first and she would always bring home information on how chiropractic helped kids who were chronically sick. After getting this information, I decided to make an appointment for both my son and me.

After speaking to the doctor, it was great to hear that chiropractic care would be able to help him and I was thankful that I got him checked at a young age, before his problems became any worse. The overall improvement I see in my son’s health and behaviour is astounding. Number one: He’s not sick every 2 weeks anymore! And more importantly, he didn’t have to been on the medications to get better.

Behaviorally, his temper tantrums aren’t as frequent and he listens more (attention has improved). It’s safe and it works. It’s can’t hurt to at least get your child checked to see if chiropractic care is necessary. It’s better to get checked early than wait for more serious problems to set in. My chiropractor is great with the kids and I would recommend anyone with kids to take them to see him.

—J.B, Female, Age: 33 — Kids on Chiropractic

I have been a long time sufferer of chronic, nagging back and neck pain. I also tend to get all the aches, pains, and soreness. Occasionally, I am hit with headaches (occasionally migraines), lack of sleep, and stress. A few treatments later, I felt a very real and noticeable improvement. My specific pains were gone and my general health seemed better.

I have tried many forms of ‘care’ and ‘wellness’ is very much a part of my life. I truly believe that my chiropractor’s form of care has improved my quality of life greatly and I plan to, and indeed have, incorporated it into my regular wellness routine. I strongly encourage anyone who has any chronic ailment or serious about their long-term physical well-being to visit my chiropractor.

—G.S, Male, Age: 40 — Neck Pain

I was experiencing chronic lower back and neck pain due to repetitive lifting, as well as numbness under my arms that extended to my fingertips. I have poor posture, and I was always feeling stiff and sore. The chiropractic office attracted me because of their community involvement, specifically, their Back-To-School Children’s safety day in September.

I was also interested in immune system efficiency, especially for children. I’ve had chiropractic care over the past 13 years; however, no one to date has been as thorough as this doctor. I couldn’t lift my child due to the pain I was experiencing. The degree of pain I was experiencing was such that it even ached to walk. It took a month to restore my pain-free existence. My overall countenance has improved, my outlook is optimistic and I am much more relaxed. I cannot come close to expressing my satisfaction and delight!

—H.B, Female, Age: 36 — Chronic Low Back Pain

I came to the office because of a pain in my neck and my upper back due to a car accident. My mom brought me in shortly after, and it really helped my neck and back pain. I felt the results right after the first few visits. My chief complaint has been resolved, there is less stiffness and more movement in my neck. I also have improved circulation in my hands and feet. I encourage others to try chiropractic, it’s worth it and it really works.

—C.K, Female, Age: 30– Car Accident

I had no areas of pain that needed immediate addressing, but my back would ache occasionally. I’ve been lactose intolerant my whole life and also suffer from IBS. I wanted to improve my overall health and a friend recommended this chiropractor . I feel better in general. My back doesn’t ache anymore and my IBS is improving. I’m also sleeping better-no insomnia in the last few months. It took two months before I noticed any changes. You never know until you try!

—E.B, Female, Age: 26 — Lactose Intolerant

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