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Pre-Natal Care

Every day more and more women are discovering the profound benefits that prenatal chiropractic care have on not only their own comfort during pregnancy and labor, but also the comfort and well being of their baby. In one study, moms under chiropractic care averaged between a 25% and 33% shorter labor compared to women who had not been under prenatal chiropractic care.

In another study, 84% of women under prenatal chiropractic care reported a more comfortable pregnancy and labor. With this in mind, the ultimate goal of prenatal chiropractic care is to allow for optimal fetal development and position, and an easier, safer, and healthier pregnancy and childbirth for mother and child.

William’s Obstetrics Textbook tells us that change to the shape of the pelvis and a dysfunctional uterus are the two leading causes of a difficult labor, or labor that fails to progress.

Many women, at some point in their life, experience stress, trauma, or injury that causes a subtle change to the movement and position of their pelvis thus creating imbalance.

Just think of the all numerous slips and falls that you have had throughout your life and the potential impact that may be having on your body right now. Was there ever a time in your life that you were in a car accident, or a slip or fall in which you landed on your tailbone, or perhaps falling off a bike or hurting yourself at the playground? There are an infinite number of opportunities throughout life that could compromise the female pelvis.

During pregnancy, any pre-existing imbalances in the pelvis or its supporting ligaments and muscles can become overtaxed and exploited. A woman’s body struggles to keep up with the ever-increasing changes happening to her as her baby is growing.

The abnormal muscle tension and pelvic distortion that develop pull unevenly on the uterus and cause less efficient and less coordinated uterine function, and further decrease the already limited space that her baby has to live in for the duration of the pregnancy. This produces a onstraining effect on the baby and this means a harder,more stressful pregnancy and labor for both mother and baby.

Fortunately, many of the complications experienced during pregnancy and labor are unnecessary and avoidable. As a chiropractor that can help with prenatal care I have observed that many of the increasingly more common problems and discomforts experienced during pregnancy and labor are associated with the underlying and previously unnoticed compromise of the maternal pelvis and surrounding soft tissue.

Prenatal chiropractic care specifically addresses imbalances in the pelvis and surrounding supportive tissue to restore structural and functional integrity. This allows a woman’s body to accommodate and adapt to the significant changes that she goes through as her baby grows and develops as well as possible.

This also allows her body to work as efficiently as possible, which in labor is critical. Additionally, because the mother’s body is balanced, it provides the optimal conditions for her baby to grow and to position his/herself properly for birth.

We have specially designed tables for pregnant women. Our table is designed with a “drop down” tummy zone to accomodate all women in varying stages of their pregnancy. (see picture above)

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